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EE-SX461-P11 Photomicrosensor (Transmissive)

  • Snap-in-mounting model.
  • Mounts to 0.8- to 1.6-mm-thick panels.
  • With a 15-mm-wide slot.
  • Photo IC output signals directly connect with C-MOS and TTL.
  • Connects to Tyco Electronics AMP's EI-series connectors.
RoHS Compliant
Note: This web page provides an excerpt from a datasheet. Refer to Product Datasheet and other applicable documents for more information.
Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25ºC)
Rated value
Power supply voltageVCC7 V
Output voltageVOUT28 V
Output currentIOUT16 mA
Permissible output dissipationPOUT250 mW (see note)
Ambient temperatureOperatingTopr-20ºC to 75ºC
StorageTstg-40ºC to 85ºC
Soldering temperatureTsol---
Note: Refer to the temperature rating chart if the ambient temperature exceeds 25ºC.

Electrical and Optical Characteristics (Ta = 25ºC, V CC = 5 V ±10%)
Current consumptionICC35 mA max.With and without incident
Low-level output voltageVOL0.3 V max.IOUT = 16 mA with incident
High-level output voltageVOH(VCC × 0.9) V min.VOUT = VCC without incident, RL = 47 kΩ
Response frequencyf3 kHz min.VOUT = VCC, RL = 47 kΩ(see note)
Note :The value of the response frequency is measured by rotating the disk as shown below.
Note: All units are in millimeters unless otherwise indicated.


Terminal No.
VPower supply (Vcc)
OOutput (OUT)
GGround (GND)

Unless otherwise specified, the tolerances are as shown below.
3 mm max.±0.3
3 < mm ≤ 6±0.375
6 < mm ≤ 10±0.45
10 < mm ≤ 18±0.55
18 < mm ≤ 30±0.65
Recommended Mating Connectors:
Tyco Electronics AMP171822-3 (crimp-type connector)
172142-3 (crimp-type connector)
OMRONEE-1005 (with harness)