B5T Human Vision Components (HVC-P2)

HVC incorporates ten different image sensing functions like Face recognition in an easy-to-mount and compact format to provide image sensing capability to various devices.

  • Choice of wide-angle type and long-distance type depending of detection distance or range needs.
  • Incorporates ten different image sensing functions used to recognize people's conditions.
"HVC" stands for "Human Vison Components".
White Paper
  • Introduction of HVC-P2

    Introduction of HVC-P2

    Features of Human Vision Components "HVC-P2".

  • Connection Manual

    Connection Manual

    This manual describes the procedures for connection to PC, USB driver download, and evaluation software start-up.

Model 2D/3D CAD
B5T-007001-010 Download
B5T-007001-020 Download

Add sample code

  • Sample code for C#

Add sample code

  • Sample code for Android

Sample code (for C):Change to rev.3.0

  • Add to build environment corresponding to Linux
  • Unify sample code with and without STB library

Sample code (for python):Change to rev.1.2

  • Minor code changes

Change command specifications

  • Minor changes

Sample Code(for python):Change to rev.1.1

  • Added Face Recognition function.
  • Added setter/getter method for STB Library.
  • Correction (file name, class name, method name)
  • Added some comments
  • Minor code changes

Add sample code

  • Sample code for Python

Evaluation Software : Change to the rev.2.4.1

  • Bug fixes about Windows10.

Sample Code

  1. Make new documents, B5T-007001 Sample Code Instruction.
  2. Sample Code : Change to rev.2.0.1
    • Fixed incomplete result output part. (score output part of facial expression estimation)
    • Clarify licensing with sample Code as OSS position.
      Apply ApacheV2.
      Replace all header parts of source code.

USB Driver: Change to rev.1.1.0.

  1. Support to Windows8/10 and the certificate.
  2. Making the install instruction every OS.

Evaluation software: Change to rev.2.4.0.

  1. Addition: stabilization processing, full screen enlargement of preview screen.
  2. Correction: Communication problem with rev 2.2.0.
  3. Delete: Display ON / OFF function on preview screen.
  4. Evaluation Software Operating Instructions: revA-> revB.

Sample Code: Change to rev.2.0.0. Add two items below as offers.

  1. STBLib body
  2. Sample Code used the STBLib

1st Edition

Note: This web page provides an excerpt from a datasheet. Refer to Product Datasheet and other applicable documents for more information.

Ordering Information

Lens angle Model Packaging Minimum contents per box
Approximately 50 deg. (long-distance type) B5T-007001-010 Individual box 1 unit
B5T-007001-010-H Large box 50 units
Approximately 90 deg. (wide-angle type) B5T-007001-020 Individual box 1 unit
B5T-007001-020-H Large box 50 units


Item Rated values (standards)
Supply voltage 5 VDC ±10%
Consumption current Below 0.4 A
Operating temperature 0 to +50°C (no condensation or freezing)
Operating humidity Below 90% RH (no condensation or freezing)
Storage temperature -30 to +70°C (no condensation or freezing)
Storage humidity Below 90% RH (no condensation or freezing)


(Unit: mm)

  • * Units: mm / unspecified dimension tolerance: tolerance class IT16
  • * Do not install metallic parts for mounting on the shaded areas


  • Horizontal angle of view 50°
  • Horizontal angle of view 90°


  • Horizontal angle of view 50°
  • Horizontal angle of view 90°

Dimensions when mounted

  • Main board
    B5T-007001 Main board
  • Camera board
    B5T-007001 Camera board

Precautions for Safe Use

Observe the following precautions to prevent failure to operate and malfunctions, and to prevent adversely affecting the performance and function of the Product.

  • Store the Device at a temperature between -30 and +70°C and a humidity level below 90%.
  • Do not touch the board mounted parts with bare hands. Discharge any static electricity from the user before use.
  • Take proper measures against static electricity by using an antistatic wrist strap, etc. before handling the Product.
  • Make sure to properly ground the connector's earth terminal in order to prevent malfunction due to noise.
  • Do not use the Product in places where the surrounding temperature goes above the rating range.
  • Do not use the Product in a location where it would be subjected to direct sunlight.
  • Do not use the Product in a location subject to excessive inductive or power supply noise, such as in strong magnetic or electric fields.
  • Do not use the Product in a location where it would be subjected to strong UV light.
  • Do not use the Product in a location where it would be subjected to radiation.
  • Sufficiently evaluate the electrical characteristics of any connection to the Device.
  • Make sure to properly align the connectors when connecting them.
  • Avoid desorption of power supplied connectors as it will result in accidents.
  • Refer to the B5T-007001 Command Specifications document separately provided by OMRON for details on the interface specifications.
  • Never use benzene, paint thinner, or any other volatile cleaning solution, detergent, bleach or chemical washcloth for cleaning the Device.
  • Take in consideration heat dissipation from the Device when installing it in order to improve its long term reliability.
  • Install the Device sufficiently far away from any other surrounding charged parts.
  • Install the Device making sure not to obstruct the camera detection range.
  • Use transparent materials to cover and protect the front of the lens should it be in contact with hands or objects.
  • Remove the lens protective seal before use (B5T-007001-010).
  • Remove the lens protective cover before use (B5T-007001-020).
  • Do not touch the camera module.
  • The Product performs detection on images. As such, note that it may sometimes detect objects other than living bodies, such as photographs or posters.
  • Note that since the Product uses a camera for detection, successful detection may not be possible due to light orientation, brightness or exposure issues.
  • Make sure to reset the Product before using it again following a power interruption or failure.
  • Restart or reset the Device if data is received improperly.
  • Cutting or losing power to the Device while saving the Album on the flash ROM may destroy the Album data saved on it. As such, make sure to take a backup of the Album data on the Host device. Refer to the B5T-007001 Command Specifications document for details.
  • Do not use the USB and UART connection method simultaneously.
  • Do not remove the FFC connection between the main board and the camera board, and do not alter the configuration of the combination.
  • When using the USB connector, note that the bus power may not be properly powering the Device depending on the computer USB port used. In such case, use a device like a selfpowered hub with an AC adaptor.