Image Sensing Technology

Recognizing Motion of Faces and People

This technology provides a modern and natural human
interface to various devices by recognizing the position, shape
and motion of hand or finger.

Press Release: “OMRON Develops Hand Gesture Recognition Technology”

A trigger motion is unnecessary by facial sensing technology.

By combining gesture recognition with OMRON’s facial image sensing technology, a user's intention can be estimated by relationship between the position/direction of the face and the hand position. It is possible to realize more natural user interaction in various devices.

Recognizes the motion and shape of the hand.

Simple instructions usually used in most human interfaces such as “up,down,left, right” can be simply defined by a V-sign, 1-finger sign and other finger poses. The position of hand can be detected simultaneously.

*More hand motions and shapes will be recognized in the future.

Recognition occurs in a wide distance range

Optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Real-time operation (on Android tablet)

*Detail spec. may vary in the official release.

Works on various devices such as Web cameras, built-in cameras and digital cameras.

Perfect for personal computers (Windows, Mac), smartphones(Android), tablets, digital cameras, TVs, and more.

Recognizable motions
Up, down, left, right
Recognizable shapes
V-sign / 1 finger
Recognizable position
Coordinates of a position where a finger or hand locate

Application Example

for SmartphoneseBook viewer
for TVsTV control
for Digital CamerasV-sign shutter

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