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G3VM-41LR4 MOS FET Relays

World’s Smallest SSOP Package MOS FET Relays with Low Output Capacitance and ON Resistance (C×R =10pF•Ω) in a 40-V Load Voltage Model.

  • ON resistance of 2 Ω (typical) suppresses output signal
RoHS Compliant
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Package type Contact form Terminals Load voltage
(peak value)*
Model Minimum package quantity
Number per tape and reel
SSOP4 1a
40 V G3VM-41LR4 ---
G3VM-41LR4 (TR05) 500
Ask your OMRON representative for orders under 500 pcs. We can supply products with the tape already cut.
Tape-cut SSOPs are packaged without humidity resistance. Use manual soldering to mount them.
Refer to common precautions.
* The AC peak and DC value are given for the load voltage.
Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25ºC)
Item Symbol Rating Unit Measurement Conditions
Input LED forward current IF 50 mA
LED forward current reduction rate Δ IF/ºC -0.5 mA/ºC Ta ≥ 25ºC
LED reverse voltage VR 5 V
Connection temperature TJ 125 ºC
Output Load voltage (AC peak/DC) VOFF 40 V
Continuous load current (AC peak/DC) IO 250 mA
ON current reduction rate Δ IO/ºC -2.5 mA/ºC Ta ≥ 25ºC
Connection temperature TJ 125 ºC
Dielectric strength between I/O (See note 1.) VI-O 1,500 Vrms AC for 1 min
Ambient operating temperature Ta -20 to + 85 ºC With no icing or condensation
Ambient storage temperature Tstg -40 to + 125 ºC With no icing or condensation
Soldering temperature --- 260 ºC 10 s
Note: 1. The dielectric strength between the input and output was checked by applying voltage between all pins as a group on the LED side and all pins as a group on the light-receiving side.

Electrical Characteristics (Ta = 25ºC)
Item Symbol Minimum Typical Maximum Unit Measurement Conditions
Input LED forward voltage VF 1.0 1.15 1.3 V IF=10 mA
Reverse current IR --- --- 10 µA VR=5 V
Capacitance between terminals CT --- 15 --- pF V=0,
f=1 MHz
Trigger LED forward current IFT --- --- 4 mA IO=100 mA
Output Maximum resistance with output ON RON --- 2 3 Ω IF = 5 mA,
IO = 250 mA,
t = 10 ms
Current leakage when the relay is open ILEAK --- --- 1.0 nA VOFF = 30 V,
Ta = 50°C
Capacitance between terminals COFF --- 5 7 pF V = 0, f = 100 MHz,
t < 1 s
Capacitance between I/O (See note 1.) CI-O --- 0.8 --- pF f=1 MHz,
Vs = 0 V
Insulation resistance between I/O terminals RI-O 1,000 108 --- VI-O=500 VDC,
RoH ≤ 60%
Turn-ON time tON --- 0.12 0.5 ms IF=5 mA,
RL=200 Ω
VDD=10 V(See note 2.)
Turn-OFF time tOFF --- 0.14 0.5 ms
Note: 2.Turn-ON and Turn-OFF Times


Surface-mounting Terminals
Weight: 0.03 g
Note: The actual product is marked differently from the image shown here.
Unless otherwise specified, the dimensional tolerance is ± 0.1 mm.

Actual Mounting Pad Dimensions
(Recommended Value, Top View)


Terminal Arrangement / Internal Connections
Note: The actual product is marked differently from the image shown here.